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About Us

Our Philosophy

Learning Land’s philosophy is to promote a positive sense of self in each child by developing interpersonal relationships combined with a loving and nurturing environment.  Our educator’s provide learning experiences that promote independence, social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive skills.  Our curriculum is based on the whole child and emerges out of each child’s interests and personal needs.  We believe this approach to curriculum development engages the child in the learning experience and incorporates individual backgrounds and cultures.  Research shows that young children learn primarily through play.  During play children feel the freedom to explore new ideas and practice early learning skills.  As teachers plan activities and provide opportunities for children to work and play together; children learn valuable social skills and self-empowerment. These experiences positively affect their growth and learning throughout the rest of their lives.

We believe that families are the most important part of a child’s foundation. Effective communication between parents and teachers builds a level of trust, comfort, and enables us to make sure every child can be successful by reaching their full potential.  At Learning Land we engage our families in their child’s learning experience with parent-teacher conferences for preschool children and daily notes for toddlers and infants. We also have quarterly parent events that offer free childcare, dinner, and guest speakers as well as a yearly family Barbeque.  We are proud to offer these community based events at no additional charge.